Michelle Via Jones

Professional Experience

Before moving back to my hometown and putting down permanent roots, I spent 5 years studying visual communication design at Virginia Tech. While finishing up my last few years of college, I also held two design jobs where I gained invaluable experience that prepared me for my budding design career.

I am currently a Senior Designer at Blackbarn Media, a creative agency in Arlington, Virginia. I’ve provided creative solutions for clients ranging from small start-ups to national associations, such as the American Red Cross, ASE, and the American Association for Justice.

Personal Background

My artistic inclinations have always extended beyond my nine-to-five schedule. I also have a passion for photography and fine art and I make time to indulge in both.

When I am not in the office, you can find me hiking along the mountain trails of Virginia with my husband and camera in tow, swimming in the Potomac with my family, and perusing the farmers market for ingredients to make my next great meal.