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ASE offers their nationally recognized automotive technician certification program, providing a variety of tests that have certified over 350,000 professionals. Since 1972, the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals.

ASE needed help to migrate their existing website into a more robust .Net architecture using Kentico. The website serves industry professionals, students, instructors, and the general public with auto care information, training resources, and a variety of certification programs for technicians. I was tasked with creating a simple user experience for all of these user types.

Research & Analysis

I began by conducting research through web analytics and user surveys. From the research, I identified key opportunities and worked with ASE to prioritize their needs. One major consideration was to develop a better starting point for the various user types — a tabbed area on the homepage makes it easy for different user types to find the information and tools specific to their needs.

A Total Redesign

In the design, I prioritized the site content, bringing links to the most relevant information front and center on the home page. Immediately upon visiting the home page, the general public can quickly locate ASE-certified technicians, technicians can view the variety of certification tests available, and students can find resources for training before taking the tests.

A simple top navigation makes it easy for users to find all the information they need. More links appear across the lower portion of the home page to drive users to featured areas and other key information relevant to each user type.

I created a clean, user-friendly design that adhered to existing ASE brand standards. The overall goal for the design was to keep the visual elements clear and simple, so that users could easily navigate that site without the distractions. Other textural elements were used in the background to set the tone for the user experience.

Customized Content Management

With hundreds of pages of consistently changing content, ASE needed a customized CMS experience that supported their business objectives while providing a rich look and feel to achieve their marketing goals. Through carefully engineered .NET architecture, the development team provided ASE with easy editing capabilities to support their business needs.

The Results

The new simplified experience makes it much easier for technicians and students to stay on track with their ASE certifications. An added benefit for the internal ASE stakeholders and marketing staff is the ease of updating web site content through the Kentico Content Management System. Now, the staff can add news, make changes to existing content, and add new articles to their website quickly, without any knowledge of HTML or CSS.


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