Gerry Bertier #42 Foundation Website


The mission of the Gerry Bertier #42 Foundation is to raise awareness and support for spinal cord injury patients with a commitment to improve hope, function and quality of life. Now that the Foundation has set deep roots in the community, they needed a more modern website that reflected their commitment to the cause. I am close friends with Gerry’s family and volunteered to design and develop their website and support their events as a photographer.

The new design is bright to reflect the success and hopeful future of the non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation. Visitors to the site are provided improved navigation and new features such as current and past news, success stories, a countdown to our upcoming events and many, many more photos. On the new site, visitors can read Gerry’s story, his mother’s heart felt words about the accident that left Gerry paralyzed and how the dedicated VCU staff is committed to spinal cord injury patients.

The website is a dramatic step forward from their previous online presence. The Foundation hopes it will help deepen their already strong ties with their sponsors and will offer the community opportunities to discover more about how the Gerry Bertier Foundation is extending the work that Gerry had started.


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